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The Perfume Beyond the Veil

(Available on Amazon)

Economics for Everyone: Das Jus Kapital (3rd Edition)

(Available on Amazon)

Profit: The Stupid View of President Donald Trump

(Available on Amazon)

Seeding Global Collaboration$20.00 USD
Global Collaboration: Neuroscience as Paradigmatic$10.00 USD
The Allure of the Compelling Genius of History: Teaching Young Humans Humanity and Hope$15.00 USD / €10.00
Piketty’s Plight and the Global Future$10.00 USD
The Everlasting Joy of Being Human$10.00 USD
Futurology Express$10.00 USD
Method in Theology 101 AD 9011: The Road to Religious Reality$10.00 USD
Bernard Lonergan: His Life and Leading Ideas$20.00 USD
Sane Economics and Fusionism$10.00 USD
Lack in the Beingstalk: A Giants Causeway$20.00 USD
Thinking Woman$20.00 USD
Introducing Critical Thinking$20.00 USD
Music That Is Soundless$20.00 USD
Pastkeynes PastModern Economics$20.00 USD
Beyond Establishment Economics$20.00 USD
A Brief History of Tongue$20.00 USD
Economics for Everyone$20.00 USD